4. Are you aware that it is the BRAND or ADVERTISER'S responsibility To confirm weather a product featured is HFSS or NON HFSS
5. EXEPTIONS: Have you applied for and received your TFL exception reference number?
If you believe your product is exempt (see section above) you must apply to TFL using the link / form above. All applications and questions should be sent to
Enter your TFL Exemption Number here
7. Are you a food or non-alcoholic drink brand, service or company?
8. Does your advertisement feature either an image, graphical representation of or text reference to a food or non alcoholic drink?
Foe example either an image of a sandwich or the word 'sandwich'
10. Is the Product featured in the advertisement rated as HFSS according to Nutrient Profiling model (NPM)
It is the advertisers responsibility to confirm wheather a product featured is HFSS or non - HFSS
Please go back to Question 5 & 6 to enter your Exception details. If you answered NO. Please complete the Exception Document and retry your submission when you have received your TFL reference number
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